Top 10 Type Of Metal

Are you ready to learn about how many type of metal is there? Much has happened since the Bronze Age. there are thousands of different types and grades of metal and each one is developed for specific applications. Every day, we are regularly exposed to dozens of metals. here is an interesting guide that will guide you through some of these common types of metal list and where you can find them.  

List Of Type Of Metal

There are many different kinds of metal, In the below list there are 10 types of metal names 

  1. Steel
  2. Iron 
  3. Aluminum
  4. Magnesium
  5. Copper 
  6. Brass
  7. Bronze 
  8. Zinc 
  9. Titanium 
  10. Praseodymium 

Types Of Metal

From the list of types of metal, you have seen some of these but some are not.

1. Steel


These are the main types of metal in the modern world. By definition, steel contains only carbon-mixed iron components. This amount is usually 99% iron and 1% carbon, although that amount may vary slightly.

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2. Iron


Iron is one of the name types of metal. Although it is a very old-fashioned metal, it has many modern uses, especially in the Iron Age in general.

3. Aluminum


Do you know what type of metal is aluminum? Aluminum(AI), is a chemical element, a light silver white metal of the main group of 13 IIIa or the boron group of periodic table. Aluminum will deteriorate in cantact with salt.

4. Magnesium


Magnesium is a really nice metal. It is about ⅔ of the weight of aluminum and has comparative strength. The most popular use of magnesium is in the automotive industry. It is one of the types of metal casting.

5. Copper


Copper is another old metal and it is one of the type of metal wire. Common applications include electronics, water pipes, and giant statues representing freedom.

6. Brass


Brass is actually a mixture of copper and zinc. The resulting yellow metal is really useful for many reasons and its golden color makes it really popular for decoration. The use of this metal as a grip and knob is common in antique furniture.

7. Bronze


Bronze is mainly made of copper but also contains about 12% tin. The result is a metal that is harder and harder than plain copper. It is one of the names of a type of metal.

8. Zinc


Zinc is a really common metal used in layers to rescue other metals. It has a very low melting point which makes it very easy to cast.

9. Titanium


Do you what type of metal is MRI safe? By far, the most typical metal used for MRI-consistent equipment or tools is titanium. Its strength-to-weight proportion is more elevated than any other metal. This makes it incredibly valuable for anything that passes.

10. Praseodymium


Praseodymium is one of the types of metal with the longest name. Praseodymium is a chemical component marked with pr and atomic number 59. It is the third member of the lanthanide series and is traditionally considered one of the rare-earth metals.

Metal Sheet Types

There are 6 major types of metal sheets.

  • Alloy Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Carbon Steel
  • Tool Steel
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Aluminum 

Types of Non-Metal

Here are some non metal mentioned below

  • Hydrogen 
  • Oxygen 
  • Carbon 
  • Nitrogen 
  • Borbon 
  • Silicon 
  • Phosphorus 
  • Selenium

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What Are The 8 Types Of Metals?

To get started, here is an overview of the eight most common metals used in manufacturing today.

  • Gray Iron.
  • White Iron.
  • Ductile Iron.
  • Stainless Steel.
  • Carbon Steel.
  • Copper-Based Alloy.
  • Nickel-Based Alloy.
  • Aluminum Alloy.

What Are The 7 Kinds Of Metals?

The metals of antiquity are the seven metals which humans had identified and found use for in prehistoric times: gold, silver, copper, tin, lead, iron, and mercury.

Which Is The Softest Metal?


Caesium is considered to be the softest metal, and Lead is considered one of the softest metals. Answer 3: Mercury at room temperature is liquid (molten). Gallium is liquid at body temperature, while solid (if soft) at room temperature.

Which Metal Is Most Used?

With over 3500 different grades and almost 2 billion tons of steel manufactured globally each year, steel is the most commonly used metal in the world.

What Are The 3 Types Of Metals?

There are three main types of metals ferrous metals, non ferrous metals and alloys.

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What Is Considered A Industrial Metal?

Industrial metal is the fusion of heavy metal and industrial music, typically employing repeating metal guitar riffs, sampling, synthesizer or sequencer lines, and distorted vocals. Prominent industrial metal acts include Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Rammstein, Godflesh, and Fear Factory.

What Are The Main Types Of Metals?

Metals can be divided into two main groups: ferrous metals are those which contain iron and non-ferrous metals that are those which contain no iron. Pure Iron is of little use as an engineering material because it is too soft and ductile.

Which Metal Can Be Cut By Knife?

Sodium belongs to alkali group metal(first group of the periodic table) and it can easily be cut with a knife. As the atomic size increases down the group, the force of attraction between the valance electron and nucleus decreases. Metallic bonds are not strong. Sodium is very soft.

Is Diamond A Metal?

It is categorized as non-metal because it is an allotrope of carbon that is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, non-malleable and non-ductile, non-reactive, and does not produce oxides.

Are There 88 Metals?

There are88 metals in the periodic table.


In this article, we have seen types of metals and their uses. You came here to know about metal and its types. We have seen what’s types of metal are used in wire and costing metal. You also see the metallic and non-metallic types and metal sheets. With this list of metals, you can identify the one that suits your application. Your choice will be based on the properties of metals. The above information was about many type of metal.     

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