9 Different Types Of Cherries

Are you excited to know about the types of cherries are there? Nothing cries out summer like a bowl of cherries or a cherry cobbler slab. But before you start baking and creeping, you must know the difference between the standard varieties of cherries. Understanding the popular types of cherries will help you understand which cherries to use when, as well as how to identify types of cherries at the grocery stores. Keep reading to know about types of cherries.   

List Of Different Types Of Cherries

In the below list there are 9 different types of cherries. Let’s see the types of cherries list.  

  1. Bing Cherry
  2. Rainier Cherry
  3. Chelan Cherry
  4. Montmorency Cherry
  5. English Morello Cherry
  6. Maraschino Cherry
  7. Amarena Cherry
  8. Robin Cherry
  9. Luxardo Cherry

Types Of Cherries

From the above list of types of cherries, you may have known about some of these, but some are not. Let’s find out about all types of cherries.

1.Bing CherryBing Cherry

This is the most common type of dark sweet cheery found at grocery stores, in both fresh and freezing form. It is mostly produced in the united states. Incorporating bing cherries into your daily diet can help reduce the risk of rash from regular diseases such as fibromyalgia and arthritis.

2.Rainier CherryRainier Cherry

This type of cherry is sweet and tasty and looks red and yellow. Rainier cherries are more watery than dark cherries, sweet cherry varieties and their flesh are creamy. You can use this type of cheery to make cherry salads. however, you will find dozens of other recipes using rainier cherries. It is also called yellow cherries.

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3.Chelan Cherry Chelan Cherry 

Chelan cherry originated in Washington and is named for the state’s most famous mountain peak. The fruit of this type of cherry tree is dark red in color, almost black, hence its nickname as black cherry. It is one of the types of cherries to eat.

4.Montmorency CherryMontmorency Cherry

The Montmorency type of cherry also called Montmorency pie cherry, has a little sour taste. This sour taste males Montmorency cherries ideal for making pastries, smoothies, and even trail mixes. It is one of the types of cherries for drinks.

5.English Morello CherryEnglish Morello Cherry

The other popular types of sour cherries are English Morello cherry. Morello cherries are not as dry as other varieties of cherries, but they have richness and unique consistency that makes them similar to pies and crisps, like cherry pie.

6.Maraschino CherryMaraschino Cherry

The delicious, bright red cherries on top of the Shirley temples are not really special cherry varieties, but refer to those sweet cherries that are preserved, sweetened, and colored in the sea. It is one of the types of cherries maraschino.

7.Amarena CherryAmarena Cherry

Amarena cherry is small sour dark Italian cherry grown in Bologna and Modena, two cities in Italy. It is one of the types of cherries for baking delicious Amarena ice cream. They have a little bitter taste but they are kept in a very sweet syrup.

8.Robin CherryRobin Cherry

The skin of the early robin cherry fruit is radish yellow in color. These trees bloom early in the cherry season. Robin cherries are medium-sized and heart-shaped and have a strong and sweet taste. It is one of the types of sweet cherries.

9.Luxardo CherryLuxardo Cherry

These are candied cherries drenched in luxardo marasca cherry syrup. Their unique flavor comes from the marasca cherry syrup, which is made from the same juice used to make the infusion for the cherry liqueur Sangyu Morlaco. This is one of the types of cocktail cherries.

What Types Of Cherries Are Sour

There are two main varieties of sour cherry is the dark-red Morello Cherry and the lighter-red Amerelle Cherry.  

Here are rare sour cherry varieties that are considered: 

  • Early Richmond 
  • English Morello 
  • Meteor
  • Montmorency
  • North Star

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What Is The Sweetest Type Of Cherry?

But if you want to know which cherries are the sweetest of the sweetest, that would be any of the black cherries. Bing cherries are the leader of this pack, along with their siblings Lambert, Chelan, Sweetheart, and Tulare. You can recognize them by their dark color and heart shape.

What Is The Best Cherry To Eat?

Bing cherries are the most popular and most widely distributed sweet cherry variety. These large, plump fruits have firm, juicy flesh and a rich and vibrant sweet cherry flavor: they’re delicious fresh and simple.

Why Are Rainier Cherries So Expensive?

The price of Rainier cherries is so high for the simple reason of supply and demand. A lot of people want to buy them and they are only available for a short window, so people are willing to pay more for them.

What Is The Difference Between Cherry And Black Cherry Wood?

Cherry and Black Cherry are the same thing. It’s a native tree with tiny dark bitter cherries that are mostly seed. The best stands are in Pennsylvania, but it is common throughout the midwestern states of Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, etc.

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What Kind Of Cherry Is Maraschino?

Today, the majority of commercial maraschino cherries begin as regular cherries. Usually, varieties that are lighter in color, such as Gold, Rainier, or Royal Ann cherries, are used. The cherries are first soaked in a brine solution that typically contains calcium chloride and sulfur dioxide.

What Are The Dark Cherries Called?

Chelan cherries, otherwise known as “black cherries,” grow in the Pacific Northwest and ripen early, beating out Bing cherries by up to two weeks (mid-June). This round sweet cherry is also firm in texture and mild in taste. Similar to Bing cherries, Chelan cherries carry a deep mahogany color and sweet flavor.

Is There Any Cherry Tree In India?

As a reminder that spring is just around the corner, cherry blossoms start flowering all across the Khasi Hills in northeast India. During the month of November, these are in full bloom and are a sight to watch. The city of Shillong hosts an amazing International Cherry Blossom Festival during this month every year.

 Is Cherry Is An Exotic Fruit?

Trying new foods can be fun and exciting, especially when they are as sweet and savoury as exotic fruits. With choices such as passionfruit, ground cherries, dragon fruit, and tamarillo, there is a whole world of beautiful colours and unique flavours to enjoy.

How Many Cherries Per Day?

To reap the benefits of cherries’ nutrient-rich capabilities, you may be wondering how many cherries should you eat in a day. Our experts recommend about one cup of fresh or frozen cherries and one-fourth cup for dried cherries.

Should Rainier Cherries Be Refrigerated?

Keep your Rainier cherries in the coldest part of your refrigerator. They will stay freshest when stored as cold as 34 degrees F. Only wash cherries right before you eat them to help discourage mold. Place a paper towel in the bag with the cherries to soak up any condensation that may occur.


We looked at how many types of cherries are there in this article. You came here to know about cherries and their types. We have seen what are the most popular sour cherry and many different types. We discussed their color and which cherry is sweet, and which cherry is good for eating, cocktail drink, and backing. You also see which cherry is good for your diet. The above information was all about some of the many different types of cherry.

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