Types Of Palm Trees

types of palm trees

Types of palm trees are synonymous with tropical beaches, warm sunny climates, and beautifully landscaped gardens. Palms are distinguished by their wing-shaped leaves  and fiber-covered trunks or stems. How many types of palm trees are there? When you think of palm trees, you think of coconuts and sand. Most palm trees are incredibly adaptable and … Read more

13 Types Of Dracaena Plants For Indoors And Outdoors 

types of dracaena plants

Are you curious to know about the types of dracaena plants are there? Dracaena plants are a variety of tropical plants and shrubs that are famous houseplants. Did you know that many species of dracaena help filter the air? Many varieties of dracaena have attractive leaves and growth habits. In this article, we looked at … Read more

10 Different Types Of Lavender

10 Different Types Of Lavender

Are you ready to know about the types of lavender are there? Lavender is a beautiful plant that is a common choice in most gardens. This variety of plants will not only create a pleasant smell where it is planted but will also add beautiful shades of purple to your entire garden. Overall, these plants … Read more

Top 11 Types Of Ferns: Indoor And Outdoor

types of ferns

Do you know how many types of ferns are there? The fern is one of the oldest living plants on earth and has both indoor and outdoor varieties. They usually have fronds that flow and add a dramatic touch to a garden or home setting. We looked at some of the many ways to use … Read more