Top 11 Types Of Ferns: Indoor And Outdoor

Do you know how many types of ferns are there? The fern is one of the oldest living plants on earth and has both indoor and outdoor varieties. They usually have fronds that flow and add a dramatic touch to a garden or home setting. We looked at some of the many ways to use ferns in your landscape, living room, and home, and give a brief overview of the most popular types of ferns.  

List Of 11 Different Types Of Ferns

In the below list there are 11 different types of ferns, let’s see the types of ferns. 

  1. Boston Ferns
  2. Ostrich Ferns
  3. Holly Ferns
  4. Japanese Painted Ferns
  5. Maidenhair Ferns
  6. Australian Tree Ferns
  7. Staghorn Ferns
  8. Asparagus Ferns
  9. Bird Nest Ferns
  10. Cinnamon Ferns
  11.  Evergreen Ferns

Top 11 Types Of Ferns

From the above list of kinds of ferns plant, you may have known about some of these and seen anywhere but some are not. Let’s find all types of ferns.

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1. Boston Ferns

Boston Ferns

These are the most popular types of ferns houseplants, although they grow wild outside in many areas. They have dark-green leaves with many bottomless, evenly spaced indentations on the edges.

2. Ostrich Ferns

Ostrich Ferns

This is one of the most elevated and most glorious types of outdoor ferns varieties, which often grows up to five feet in length. The leaves on the ostrich fern grow upwards which looks like a vase.

3. Holly Ferns

Holly Ferns

This is one of the most magnificent types of indoor ferns varieties. This species has three to four-inch of dark-green leaves that correspond to holly shrubs and accept heat, light, and water.

4. Japanese Painted Ferns

Japanese Painted Ferns

If you live in harsh winter, this is the perfect outdoor fern for your grassland as it can resist temperatures as low as -30F degrees and is one of the types of variegated ferns varieties.

5. Maidenhair Ferns

Maidenhair Ferns

As one of the most delicate types of ferns indoor varieties. This unique plant has a thin black stalk and small, tender leaves.

6. Australian Tree Ferns

Australian Tree Ferns

As the name suggests, this plant is actually a tree that grows about 30 feet tall, has eight-foot fronds, and has a trunk about six inches in circumference becoming one from many types of ferns outdoor varieties.

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7. Staghorn Ferns

Staghorn Ferns

Although this species usually grows on tree trunks in Asia, Africa, and Australia, it is a good fern houseplants type if planted in well-drained, coarse soil.

8. Asparagus Ferns

Asparagus Ferns

Although there are three types of these ferns, the most common are thin, needle-like leaves that are irritating to the skin.

9. Bird Nest Ferns

Bird Nest Ferns

Bird nest ferns are like garden decorations, as they are compact and provide excellent contrast for garden flowering plants. They prefer coloring and can grow on stones and trees as well as on the ground.

10. Cinnamon Ferns

Cinnamon Ferns

These ferns often grow wild in creeks and Nallas, so planting in the garden required a lot of water. It grows about five feet tall and has two types of fronds. It is one of the outdoor ferns plant species.

11. Evergreen Ferns

 Winterizing Ferns

Evergreen ferns are so named because they stay green in winter because they grow in the right zone. Their green leaves actually die in the spring. It is one of the types of winterizing ferns varieties.

Ferns type identification

When trying to identify a fern type, it is important to look closely at one of the fronds, inverting it for reproductive structures, and examining the frond’s stalk, taking into account its color and texture.

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Are Indoor And Outdoor Ferns The Same?

Ferns are low-maintenance indoor plants, but it’s important that you mimic their natural outdoor environment when you grow them in your home. Ferns grow best indoors when kept in the shade and misted with water daily to simulate humid outdoor conditions.

What Kind Of Fern Is Best Indoors?

Boston fern (Nephrolepis exaltata), sometimes called sword or ladder fern, was as popular with Victorian gardeners as it is today. It’s also considered one of the most effective houseplants for removing air pollutants.

What Kind Of Ferns Are For Outside?

Types of wood ferns ideal for outdoor growing include the autumn fern (Dryopteris erythrosora), crested buckler-fern (Dryopteris cristata), leatherleaf fern (Rumohra adiantiformis), and marginal wood fern (Dryopteris marginalis).

How Do I Identify An Indoor Fern?

When attempting to identify a fern, its important to look closely at one of the fronds, to turn it over and look at its underside for reproductive structures, and also to examine the frond’s stalk making note of its color and texture.

Do Ferns Attract Mosquitoes?

Be it indoor or outdoor, your fern plant may attract mosquitoes if they are not properly taken care of. For instance, when your fern is grown close to standing water or a moist environment, it can attract mosquitoes and at the same time encourage the breeding of mosquitoes.

What Are Ferns Common Names?

The ferns are also referred to as Polypodiophyta or, when treated as a subdivision of Tracheophyta (vascular plants), Polypodiopsida, although this name sometimes only refers to leptosporangiate ferns.

Which Are The Most Popular Ferns In The Indian Garden?

It is considered to be nutritious. Besides these, the fernery also displays species like epiphyte, aquatic ferns, and the more popular and interesting ferns like Vishkanya, Mayurshikha, Boston fern, Lady Fern, Rock Fern, Basket Fern, Ladder fern, Golden fern and Horse-tail fern.

Which Fern Is Best For Outdoors?

Types of wood ferns ideal for outdoor growing include the autumn fern (Dryopteris erythrosora), crested buckler-fern (Dryopteris cristata), leatherleaf fern (Rumohra adiantiformis), and marginal wood fern (Dryopteris marginalis).

 Is Selaginella A Pteridophyte?

Selaginella is a pteridophyte. It is also called spikemoss or club moss. It is the largest and the only living genus of the family Selaginellaceae. It contains more than 800 species distributed all around the world with the highest diversity found in the tropical regions.

Are There Indoor And Outdoor Ferns?

Ferns add a lush look to lawns and gardens and add beautiful greenery to indoor spaces. Some types of ferns can thrive indoors and outdoors, like tough Boston ferns, which can hang on your porch until the temperatures drop and then overwinter in your home.


We looked at 11 different kinds of ferns plant in this article. You came here to know about how many ferns tree and their types. We discussed which ferns are indoor, outdoor, and houseplants. Also, you have seen how to identify ferns. You also see their different shapes and size, their color and texture, and their height. We also discussed what is needed to plant ferns and where they originate. The above details are all about some of the many types of ferns. 


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