10 Different Types Of Lavender

Are you ready to know about the types of lavender are there? Lavender is a beautiful plant that is a common choice in most gardens. This variety of plants will not only create a pleasant smell where it is planted but will also add beautiful shades of purple to your entire garden. Overall, these plants are easy to grow. Most types of lavender plants are hardy, meaning they can handle shortage conditions with the quantity of heat. Each option will have different growing requirements that must be met. Let’s take a look at the name of types of lavender.  

List Of Different Types Of Lavender 

There are many different types of lavender, in the below list there are 10 different kinds of lavender. 

  1. Ballerina, Spanish Lavender
  2. Kew Red, Spanish Lavender
  3. Anouk, Spanish Lavenderer
  4. Betty’s Blue, English Lavender
  5. Laventie Petite, English Lavender
  6. Hidcote, English Lavender
  7. Impress Purple, Hybrid
  8. Hidcote Hiant, Hybrid
  9. Grosso, Hybrid 
  10. Portuguese Lavender

10 Different Types Of Lavender

From the above list of the types of lavender, some of them you have been seen but some are not. Let’s know about the different lavender varieties.

1.Ballerina, Spanish LavenderBallerina, Spanish Lavender 

Wonder what does lavender look like? This Spanish lavender has very special bulbs and white flowers that fade to pink and purple as the plant matures. It thrives in mild summers and winter climates. It blooms in early May, then twice more in June and late summer or early autumn.

2.Kew Red, Spanish LavenderKew Red, Spanish Lavender

Kew Red lavender gets its name from the head of a crimson-violet flower with soft petals on top. From the spring to autumn there is a large flowering season and in mils, climates flowers can appear throughout the year.

 3.Anouk, Spanish LavenderAnouk, Spanish Lavender

Of all the varieties of french lavender, the Anouk is the most attractive, as its ears at the top of the flower are so large that it looks really different. They are bright crimson and have a very beautiful shade and their veins are large enough to be seen.

 4.Betty’s Blue, English Lavender

Betty’s Blue, English Lavender

It is one of the types of lavender flowers. The flower on betty’s blue is very large and deep purple-blue in color. The trees are domed and compact. This type of lavender has a very sweet scent and bloom only once in mid-summer.

 5.Laventie Petite, English LavenderLaventie Petite, English Lavender

It is a very unique variety of lavender, the flowers are pom-pom shaped and very thick. They are strongly scented with a popping soft purple shade. Laventie petite is one type of lavender leaves.

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6.Hidcote, English LavenderHidcote, English Lavender

It is one of the most popular types of lavender chart. The Hidcote has dark purple flowers and contrasting blue-green leafage. When this lavender dries, the flowers retain color, which is good for arts and decorations.

7.Impress Purple, HybridImpress Purple, Hybrid

This lavender is popularly used in fragrances for its dark purple flower fragrances that are very long. The flowers are the richest purple of all lavender types. To enhance the bloom, remove the wilted flowers. The fragrant flowering plant blooms from mid-summer to late and is extremely fragrant.

8.Hidcote Hiant, Hybrid

Hidcote Hiant, Hybrid

This lavender has light violet flowers that are tall and spread out beautifully on long steps. The Hidcote Hiant is an award-winning lavender not only for its beauty but also for its strong scent. It is one of the different types of lavender plants.

9.Grosso, HybridGrosso, Hybrid

Grosso is a tall variety of lavender that is about two feet tall. The flowers are very dark purple with little fragrant leaves. It is one of the types of essential oil. This variety can tolerate cold winters up to 15ºF and lasts for years if pruned directly after flowering in late summer. Grosso is commonly used to extract lavender oil.

10.Portuguese LavenderPortuguese Lavender

Portuguese lavender, also called spiker lavender, has flowers that are simpler and more graceful than other types. The flowers from a thin pale lilac bulb along the side of the stem. This lavender is commonly used in culinary foods and beverages. The leaves are sweetly scented and attract butterflies and bees.

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How Do I Know What Kind Of Lavender I Have?

Simply use your nose and eyes to identify lavender plants. Identify English lavender (L. angustifolia) by its sweeter fragrance with less of a camphor odor. You can also identify English lavender by its bloom period, which begins in early summer.

Do All Types Of Lavender Flower?

Because not all Lavenders bloom at the same time and some bloom continuously, producing flowers all spring and summer. Planting one of each in your garden will reward you with heavenly fragrance and attractive flower spikes from spring until late summer.

What Kind Of Lavender Is A Perennial?

Lavender is a semi-woody perennial sub-shrub that produces new growth and blooms each year. Lavenders are low maintenance plants but do require some specific conditions and some species are not winter hardy and therefore frequently only last one year and is therefore mistaken as an annual plant.

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Does Lavender Look Like Rosemary?

Lavender flowers appear on the end of the stems whereas Rosemary produces flowers along the length of the stem. The other distinctive feature is the colour of the foliage, most lavenders feature grey to grey-green leaves whereas Rosemary has a narrow bright green leaf.

What Type Of Lavender Is Most Fragrant?

Lavandin Plants

Commonly grown in the lavender fields of France, ‘Grosso’ lavandin plants are the most fragrant of all lavenders. Its strongly scented purple flowers are often used in making perfumes and sachets.

Which Lavender Is Best For Healing?

True Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is the best variety to use for healing and aromatherapy, as the hybrid oils are much higher in camphor, and are more stimulating than calming.

Which Lavender Smells Sweetest?

Both lavender varieties have a lovely scent, but to a well trained nose, it’s easy to spot the difference. English lavender is much lighter and sweeter than French lavender because it has less camphor, a chemical with a piney, woody scent.

Can Lavender Whiten Skin?

Because it decreases inflammation, lavender oil may help with skin whitening. In addition, it may help to lighten discoloration, incredibly dark patches. Lavender oil aids in the reduction of blotchiness and redness. It may also provide you with a natural shine.

How Many Types Of Lavender Are There?

Currently there are over 45 different species with over 450 varieties. More lavender species/varieties have yet to be classified. Lavender belongs to the genus Lavandula.


We looked at how many different types of lavender are there in this article. You may have seen some of these lavender plants but some are not. You came to know about the various kinds of lavenders and what types of lavender color are there, their fragrance, their size, etc. Also saw what season the lavender comes in and how many days it lasts. And also where and how lavender flowers are used. I hope the above knowledge is valuable to you in determining the types of lavender.

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