18 Types Of Deer Around The World

Are you curious to know about the types of deer are there? The deer is the most widely circulated animal in the world. Known for their majestic horns and noble and gentle formation, there are many similarities between the various deer species around the world. In this article, we will look at how many deer are in the world, and some information about deer. What you need to do is just keep reading this article till the end to know everything. Let’s take look at the name of the types of deer. 

List Of Different Types Of Deer

There are many different types of deer, in the below list there are 18 different varieties of deer.

  1. White-Tailed Deer
  2. Mule Deer
  3. Hog Deer
  4. Caribou 
  5. Red Brocket 
  6. Northern pudu
  7. Black-Tailed Deer
  8. Fallow Deer
  9. Thorold’s Deer
  10. Sambar Deer
  11. Roe deer
  12. Elk 
  13. Sika
  14. Persian Deer
  15. Muntjac 
  16. Chital
  17. Irish Elk
  18. Barasingha

Different Types Of Deer 

From the above list of the types of deer, some of them you know and have been seen but some are not. Let’s know about all types of deer.

1.White-Tailed DeerWhite-Tailed Deer

The white-tailed deer is the most populous species in North America. Yet, their content stretches from Canada to the southern part of the Peruvian mountains. What is special is that this deer species changes from brown or brown in summer to gray in winter. The female deer weigh between 100 to 200 pounds, while a male weighs between 130 to 300 pounds.

2.Mule DeerMule Deer

Mules deer are social animals that usually live in groups. The animal lives in a multi-generational deer family of related females and their offspring. Animals found in the Coniferous forests of the stony mountains can grow up to three feet high on the shoulders and weigh up to 100 to 300 pounds.

3.Hog DeerHog Deer

Hog deer, a member of the Cervidae family, has its roots in northern India, Pakistan, and Southeastern Asia. Hog deer is a vegetarian. Animals can graze and walk, although they prefer to graze. Their common food consists of twigs, leaves, grasses, shoots of edible plants, and fruits.


Caribou deer are commonly found in the northern areas of North America. This species of deer, generally known as reindeer, when domesticated, belongs to a large group of hoofed mammals known as artiodactyls. Caribou is one of the types of deer with horns.

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5.Red BrocketRed Brocket

This is among the types of large deer globally. They are proud of their weighty body and slender legs. Its name comes from the total red color of its skin. The red brocade diet consists mostly of fruits. And, when fruits are scarce, these mammals usually turn to leaf-based diets.

6.Northern PuduNorthern Pudu

North pudu is the smallest species of deer in the world. It has a small round body, small spike-like cones, and slender, delicate legs. This deer species is mainly found in warmer climates such as Argentina, Peru, Chile, and Ecuador. Pudu deer eat from sources close to the ground due to their small height.

7.Black-Tailed DeerBlack-Tailed Deer

The black-tailed deer is a part of the mule species found in western North America, especially in the Pacific Northwest and Northern California. However, this type of deer can also be found in Western Oregon and Washington. Black-tailed deer live in temperate rainforests and are cleared by forest fires or deforestation.

8.Fallow DeerFallow Deer

Fallow deer are proud of their elegant dotted coat-like covering. Its tail is longer than that of any other type of deer, so you can easily identify fallow deer. These deer species eat grass, leaves, and herbs in summer and berries, peanuts, bark, and fungi in winter. The male deer is also known as buck deer.

9.Thorold’s DeerThorold’s Deer

It is also known as the white-lipped deer, the large, unique animal that weighs between 130 to 140 kilograms when totally risen. The deer’s nose is all white and its eyes have different white eye-rings. Thorold deer feed mainly on grasses and herbs on the mountains on which they live.

10.Sambar DeerSambar Deer

Sambar deer have numerous subspecies of sambar deer that vary in appearance and shape. An adult sambar deer weighs approximately 550kg. Sambar deer live on a wide range of grasses, aquatic, plants, berries, fruits, bamboos, leaves, foliage, stalks and bark, buds and trees, and shrubs.

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Are There Any Deer In Asia?

The sika deer (Cervus nippon), also known as the Northern spotted deer or the Japanese deer, is a species of deer native to much of East Asia and introduced to other parts of the world.

Are There Any Deer In Africa?

The Barbary stag is the only member of the deer family that is native to Africa. It thrives in dense, humid forested areas of Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco. It had initially been hunted to extinction in the latter, but specimens from the Tunisian population were reintroduced in the 1990s.

Are There Any Deer In Russia?

In the Russian Far East the mammals reported are brown bears, Eurasian lynx, and red deer, Amur tigers, Amur leopards, and Asiatic black bears. There are also about 350 bird species and 30 percent of all endangered species in Russia are found here which include 48 unique endangered species.

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Does Japan Have Deer?

Sika Deer (Shika in Japanese), the only native deer of the Japanese archipelago, are mostly active from dusk to dawn, though especially in winter they are driven to be active in daytime too, by the need to feed.

What Is The Rarest Type Of Deer?

Melanistic deer

Melanistic deer, as they are known, are considered the “rarest of rare,” according to the North American Whitetail website – even more uncommon than the albino whitetail. A genetic mutation creates the color variation by causing the body of a melanistic deer to produce too much pigment known as melanin.

What Is The Ghost Deer?

The ghost deer is a whitetailed deer, colored completely white due to a lack of melanin—a natural pigment found in most organisms. It’s a rare recessive gene; and, like humans, only about one out of 20,000 mammals are albino.

Which State Is Famous For Deer In India?

In India, swamp deer are found in Madhya Pradesh, Assam and Uttar Pradesh. Known as Barashinga they are also found in fragmented portions in Nepal. The Swamp Deer is different from all other Indian deer species in that the antlers carry more than three tines.

Are Albino Deer Illegal To Shoot?

Albino deer are illegal to kill in two states: Illinois and Iowa. Portions of Montana, Tennessee and Wisconsin also outlaw the killing of all-white deer. John Bates, a Wisconsin naturalist and co-author of the book “White Deer: Ghost of the Forest,” said albino deer are born once in about every 20,000 births.


 We looked at how many types of dear are there in this article. You may have seen some deer in zoos or forests but some are rare and hard to see. You came to here know about various types of deer. In this article, you will see where deer live, what their diet is, how tall they are, how much they weigh, and their color. We also see about their horn. They are easy to identify. I wish the above knowledge is beneficial to you from learning about the types of deer.

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What kind of deer are in Asia

How many types of deer are there?