Top 6 Types Of Corn

Do you know what are the different types of corn? Corn is one of the oldest domesticated crops and is the most productive crop in the United States agriculturalists grew different corn varieties over the year. There are thousands of corn varieties and thousands of different ways to eat them. For all the details about corn, you have to read this article till the end. So let’s see the name of types of corn.          

List Of 6 Types Of Corn

Did you know what is the 6 major types of corn? Let’s see the list of the types of corns

  1. Flint Corn
  2. Flour Corn
  3. Dent Cron
  4. Pop Cron
  5. Sweet Corn
  6. Pod Corn

Top 6 Types Of Corn

In the above list of types of corn, you may have known about some of these, but some are not. Let’s find out the corn varieties.

1. Flint CornFlint Corn

Flint corn is also called Indian corn and calico corn and is harder than dent corn. If you see ornamental corn, it is almost certain to be a type of glittering corn, with fallen ears that still have husks.

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2. Flour CornFlour Corn

Flour corn is mainly composed of soft starch, which gives it the ability to be easily ground into fine cornmeal. It is the most usable type of corn dish.

3. Dent CornDent Corn

Dent corn, also called field corn, is a simple type of corn, each corn has a dent in the crown of the individual kernel. The dent corn is used as a grain product in chips, masa, moonshine, bourbon, etc.

4. Pop CornPop Corn

Popcorn is the oldest domesticated variety of corn and looks like glass, but with a microscopic appearance with small kernels and ears. Do you know what type of corn is used for popcorn? Pop Corn is one of the types of corn used for popcorn.

5. Sweet CornSweet Corn

Most gardeners and seed catalogs focus on sweet familiar and accessible for home kitchen and best one of the types of corn used for cornmeal.

6. Pod cornPod corn

Pod corn is simple but mutated corn. It is not a wild ancestor of corn but a mutation of an existing species. As a mutation, small leaves are called glum, surround each kernel on pod corn, making it difficult to process and prepare for different corn applications.

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What Type Of Fat Is Corn Oil?

Refined corn oil contains 99% triacylglycerol containing 59% of polyunsaturated fatty acids, 24% of monounsaturated fatty acids. PUFA is primarily linoleic acid C18:2n-6, with a small amount of linolenic acid C18:3n-3 giving an n-6/n-3 ratio of 83.

What Type Of Food Is Corn?

Fresh corn is regarded a starchy vegetable. It is different nutrients than dry corn and is eaten differently. Amylose and Amylopectin is the type of corn starch.

What Type Of Plant Is Corn?

Corn is a tall annual cereal grass(Zea Mays) that is widely grown for its long-stalked ears of starch seeds.

Do you know what are 2 types of corn they are

  • Sweet Corn
  • Dent Corn

What Type Of Corn Is Used For Popcorn?

Zea mays

Some strains of corn (Zea mays) are cultivated specifically as popping corns. The Zea mays variety everta, a special kind of flint corn, is the most common of these.

What Are The 3 Types Of Corn?

There are three main categories of corn in the United States: dent corn, flint corn, and sweet corn, which contains subgroups like white, yellow, and bicolor corn.

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Is Corn Good To Eat For Breakfast?

It is a very good choice for breakfast. Simply boil the sweetcorn, throw some veggies and have it for breakfast or make some simple recipes with boiled sweetcorn to fill your day with energy.

What Are The 7 Types Of Corn?

The most common types of corn include flint, flour, dent, pop, sweet, and waxy. The physical appearance of each kernel type is determined by its pattern of endosperm composition as well as quantity and quality of endosperm.

What Is The Most Popular Type Of Corn?

Dent corn, also called field corn, is the most widely grown corn in the U.S. It is used primarily for livestock feed, but it is also used in some food products.

What Are The 4 Main Types Of Corn?

This article might be a little corny… but did you know there are four main different types of corn? In the corn family, there is flint corn, dent corn, sweet corn, and the best kind of corn of course known as popcorn! Each type of corn is unique.

Which Corn Is Healthy?

Yellow corn is a good source of the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin, which are good for eye health and help prevent the lens damage that leads to cataracts. Corn also has smaller amounts of vitamins B, E, and K, along with minerals like magnesium and potassium.

What Is The Rarest Type Of Corn?

The rarest corn in the whole world; Texas Gourdseed Corn. Through our partnership with Barton Springs Mill, we have access to these rare seeds to grow on our regenerated lands in the Texas Hill Country.


In this article, we have seen how many varieties of corn were there? Now you know the difference between the corn we eat. To ensure that you are growing exactly the variety you want, separate several plots of different corn to avoid cross-pollination between specific varieties. I wish this report is helpful to you. The above information was all about the types of corn.

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