Top 10 Types Of Nose Piercings

Are you curious to know how many types of nose piercings are there? The history of nose piercing is rich and has been shared by different cultures for centuries. You may think that nose piercing is limited to your nostrils, but you have a lot of nose piercings that will beautify your face. Let us know some interesting things about nose piercings. So let’s have looked at the names of types of nose piercings

List Of 10 Different Types Of Nose Piercings 

In the below list there are 10 different types of nose piercings, let’s see the types of nose piercings and their meanings.  

  1. Nostril 
  2. Bridge 
  3. Austin Bar
  4. Nasallang 
  5. Septum 
  6. Septril 
  7. The Rhino 
  8. Multiple Nostril 
  9. High Nostril
  10. Studs 

Top 10 Types Of Nose Piercings 

From the above list of types of nose piercings, you may have known about some of these but some are not. Let’s find out all types of nose piercings

1. Nostril


The most standard and common nose piercings are nostril piercings. The most popular nostril piercing jewelry is nose rings, nose screws, nose hoops, etc. It is always looked good, and it’s very adaptable. This piercing is typically fulfilled with a standard 18-20 gauge piercing needle but some nose piercing stores use piercing guns.   

2. Bridge


Bridge is one of the best nose piercing for nose shape. Technically classified as surface piercing, bridge piercing does not cause cartilage or bone puncture. It takes about 8-10 weeks to heal. This piercing is usually fulfilled with a standard hollow piercings needle. 

3. Austin Bar

Austin Bar

Austin Bar it is one of the types of piercings nose. The Austin bar piercing looks like a bridge piercing but it goes all the way to your nose. It takes about 2-3 months to heal. This piercing is typically fulfilled with a standard piercing needle. 

4. Nasallang


Aesthetically, nasallang piercing is similar to Astin bars and bridges, but actually, it is more complicated nose piercings. It takes about 3-9 months to heal. This piercing is usually fulfilled with a standard 18-16 gauge piercing needle.  

5. Septum


The septum piercing passes through a thin membrane in the center of your nose. You can decorate your nose using different septum types of nose piercings like rounded barbells, captive bead rings, and gauges if you are dedicated. This piercing is usually fulfilled with a standard 18-16 gauge hollow piercing needle. 

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6. Septril


To get Septril piercings, you need to start with septum piercings first. It is one of the type nose piercings for guys. This piercing is typically fulfilled with a standard piercing needle.   

7. The Rhino

The Rhino 

The rhino piercing got its name because it is usually like a rhinoceros nose. Gresky explains that this incision is made vertically in the center of the nasal passage where it is the septal incision. This piercing is usually fulfilled with a standard piercing needle. It takes about 3-9 months to heal.   

8. Multiple Nostril

Multiple Nostril

Multiple Nostril piercing is a combination of the nostril and upper nostril piercing. If you have more than one nose piercing, then technically you have this piercing. It takes about 6-9 months to heal. This piercing is usually fulfilled with standard 18-20 gauge piercing needles.

9. High Nostril

High Nostril

Like regular nostril piercings, the high nostril pierced more on the nasal bridge. This piercing is usually fulfilled with a hollow 18-20 gauge incision needle. It takes about 6-9 months to heal.

10. Studs


The nose stud has an L shape and can also be called an L-shaped nose stud. It is a simple structure and is inserted through the skin of the nostril. A twist nose stud is one of the best types of nose piercing studs.

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What Is The Most Popular Nose Piercing?

nostril piercing

NOSTRIL. The nostril piercing is the most popular nose piercing type that there is. It is the one that we see most celebrities sporting when they have nose piercings. The description is in the name, as a nostril piercing is simply any piercing which goes through the nostril, and can be placed from either side.

Which Type Of Nose Piercing Is Best?

Ideally, L-shaped nose rings are considered to be the best as they are easy to wear and remove, and look fantastic too!

What Is The Easiest Nose Ring To Put In?

Hoop Nose Rings: Nose ring hoops are quickly becoming the nostril jewelry of choice. They give you a different look than stud nose rings and tend to be more noticeable. Captive bead rings are easy to insert, and the bead can be decorated for extra flair.

What Nose Ring Size Should I Get?

Standard sizing for nose rings is normally a 20 gauge; this means the thickness of the portion that goes through the piercing is approximately . 8 millimeters. Piercings done in India, the Middle East, or very select areas of the US, UK, Australia, or Europe may use the tiniest size: 22 gauge.

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Is Gunshot Nose Piercing Painful?

How much does it hurt? Jef Saunders, president of the Association of Professional Piercers (APP), says that piercers often compare the pain to having an eyebrow wax procedure done or a getting a shot. “The pain itself is a combination of mild sharpness and pressure, but it is over extremely quickly,” he explains.

What Does A Nose Piercing Symbolize?

Culturally, the piercings signified the social status of the individual and their right to access other ceremonies. For women, it displayed their ability to acquire a husband. For the husband, it displayed his ownership and right to his wife. For men, it presented the boy now as a man and his place is society with men.

With no surprise, a nose piercing can accentuate your face positively, and nostril piercing can be one of the most attractive facial piercings.

Can I Wash My Face After Nose Piercing?

Being too rough on the skin around your piercings can cause irritation. Washing your face with a gentle cleanser, like the La Roche-Posay Toleriane Hydrating Gentle Facial Cleanser, is a great way to ensure that the skin around your piercing is clean after using a micellar water.

Which Nose Ring Hurts Less?

“Depending on the area, most of our customers feel traditional nostril piercings a bit stronger than septum piercings, as long as the septum is well-performed,” says Perelmuter. Since the septum tissue is so thin, it will hurt briefly during the piercing but heal more quickly, resulting in less pain overall.


In the above article, you have been seen what types of nose piercings are there? You came here to know about nose piercings and their types. Did we discuss how many days dose nose piercings heal? We also see how to fulfill nose piercings and also see different stud types. Now that you know all about nose piercings styles, it’s time to choose the one that suits you best and looks great. The above information was all about some of the many different types of nose piercings.   

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