Top 6 Types Of Sushi 

In order to understand what you are about to eat, you must 1st have a basic understanding of what sushi is and how many types of sushi. If you didn’t grow up eating sushi, you may be confused when looking at a sushi roll menu if a  restaurant chooses to forgo descriptions. Do you know what are the 6 types of sushi? This post will break down some common sushi terms and recipes so you know what to order when visiting a sushi bar or restaurant. So let’s start our today’s topic of the types of sushi. 

List Of Top 6 Types Of Sushi 

Here are 6 different types of sushi, covering from common varieties to little-known varieties with deep historical roots. 

  1. Gunkan Maki 
  2. Temaki
  3. Oshizushi
  4. Nigiri
  5. Uramaki
  6. Chirashi

Top 6 Types Of Sushi

From the above list of the types of sushi names, there are some of the many sushis. Let’s get more details about them.

1. Gunkan Maki 

Gunkan Maki 

Gunkan Maki is a type of sushi gunkan in Japan that is basically vinegared rice with seafood or vegetables wrapped in strips of nori seaweed. Because of the boat shape of this dish, the word gunkan in Japanese means warship. However, you don’t have to depend on restaurant chefs to enjoy this dish, you can prepare it at home. Their topping is very soft.

2. Temaki


Temaki sushi is better known as hand roll sushi because it is made from rolled cones of seaweed, wrapped around rice and filling. Enjoy eating it with your own two hands or set it to your liking by rolling up the Temaki and dipping it in Shoyu and Wasabi. Temaki is one of the different types of sushi rolls made by rolling the nori into a cone shape.

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3. Oshizushi


Oshizushi or Pressed sushi is the oldest form of sushi, originating over 400 years ago in the Kansai region of Osaka. It is made with different types of sushi fillings such as sushi rice with fish and other toppings. And then cut it into small slices for an enjoyable experience with every bite. This style of sushi can be eaten with your hands and chopsticks.

4. Nigiri


Nigiri is a type of sushi in which rice is hand-formed and fish or other toppings are hand-pressed on top of the rice. These two ingredients are essential to creating the perfect match of flavors and textures. Bluefin Tuna, Salmon, or Halibut are the types of fish for sushi that make the most delicious sushi and also are a good source of heart. When eating Nigiri use your hands, not your chopsticks.

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5. Uramaki


Uramaki is sometimes called an inside-out roll because it goes against the usual rule of rolling rice rolls from the outside. The contents of the roll are wrapped in nori and then rice is wrapped around it. It is usually made with fish or vegetables, but can also be made with other ingredients and other types of tuna sushi.

6. Chirashi


Chirashi is a traditional style of sushi that encourage the current sashimi bowl. Chirashi sushi is a great source of protein and has a good balance of macronutrients. It is a type of cooked sushi with ingredients such as sushi rice, raw fish, omelets, and nori. The word Chirashi means scattered in Japanese which only begins to describe sashimi’s rainbow of colors.

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What Is Japan’s Favorite Sushi?

Japanese people are known for their love of tuna, but the results show this is particularly true for men, as there was around a 10-point difference between men and women’s liking for akami, chūtoro, and ōtoro. Meanwhile 46.4% of women picked salmon.

What Is The Most Sushi Eaten?

According to our survey results, Maguro (tuna; nigiri) is by far the most frequently eaten sushi type. 60 percent of the respondents answered that they eat Maguro sushi frequently.

Is Sushi Eaten In One Bite?

Both sashimi and sushi must be eaten in one bite. If the piece is too big, do not be afraid to ask the chef to cut it in half for you (although a proper sushi chef would adjust the size of each piece according to the customer).

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Is Sushi Really Healthy?

The bottom line is that, yes, sushi is healthy. It contains high-quality protein and omega-3 fatty acids from fish, plus a great combination of vitamins and minerals. White rice provides carbs for energy, and won’t raise your blood sugar too high because it’s combined with fat and protein.

Is Sushi A Raw Fish?

Sushi is traditionally made with vinegar rice, seaweed wraps, vegetables, raw seafood, and occasionally cooked seafood. Sashimi is a dish of raw seafood served on its own. Eating sushi and sashimi is risky, especially if precautions aren’t taken, because you’re consuming raw foods.

How Many Sushi Can You Eat?

According to a registered dietician, healthy adults can safely consume 2-3 sushi rolls, which means 10-15 pieces of sushi per week. However, the statistics are different for the elderly, pregnant women and others with the compromised digestive system.

Why Is Sushi So Expensive?

Sushi’s ingredients are one of the key factors in its high cost. Rice and pricey, premium fish are required for sushi to taste excellent. For instance, the price of a pound of excellent sushi rice can range from $12 to $15, while the price of a pound of fish might reach hundreds of dollars.

Are Sushi Healthy?

The combination of fish, rice and seasonings makes sushi a delicious part of a healthy diet. You can also enjoy eating sushi at home by making your own—try our Spicy Salmon Sushi Roll-Ups and Vegan Sushi with Tomato “Tuna”


Today we discussed a nice article on the most popular types of sushi. I told you what ingredients are used to make sushi. Sushi is now a common cuisine found in grocery stores and restaurants in many countries. It originated in Japan and is considered one of the country’s most artistic and skilled cuisines. Even if you maintain a vegetarian lifestyle, there are many delicious vegetarian sushi dishes for you. I hope you learned something valuable about the types of sushi and feel more confident when ordering at a sushi restaurant.

What are the 3 main types of sushi

What are the 3 main types of sushi