6 Ways to Make Moving Easier For Your Family

For adults, moving can be an exciting time that brings new opportunities and adventures. Make sure your finances are in order to alleviate the stress of moving for yourself. Obtain a home warranty, check on your home insurance and HOA fees and stay ahead of important tasks. If you are asking, “What are home warranties?” Be sure to research all you need to know about a home warranty or home repairs and maintenance to budget accordingly.

For children, moving can be scary, sad and uncomfortable. It’s important to talk to children about the move well in advance and help them process any emotions they may have. Follow these 6 ways to make moving easier for your family: 1. Declutter.

1. Make it a family affair

It is no secret that moving can be stressful. But when you add kids to the equation, it can become a bumpy ride for everyone involved.

Talk to your children about the move (as soon as you know) in a safe space where they can express their emotions and concerns. This could be in the form of a family meeting or just an open and honest conversation.

Let them help you pack up their treasures and decorate boxes so they will be easy to find in the new home. And once the move is over, take your children on a discovery trip to learn more about their new community.

2. Make it a fun event

For kids, a move can be an exciting adventure, despite the loss of friends and familiarity. It’s important to help them understand this during the move and to make the process fun, as much as possible.

Have fun stickers and markers available so they can decorate their boxes, for example. Subscribe to the local newspaper and look for family events that will allow your children to meet other kids in their new neighborhood.

If your move is not by choice, be sure to give your children time to say goodbye to their friends and plan trips back if possible. This will help them feel connected to the past and future.

3. Let them help

Young kids tend to idealize their old house and get sad about moving out, while teenagers may feel moody about the move. To help make the transition easier on them, let them be involved in the moving process — such as picking paint colors or furniture for their new room (and arranging them on the floor plan of their new house) — as much as possible.

It can also be a good idea to let them stay with a friend or relative during moving day. It can provide a sense of closure and help them stay calm. Depending on their ages, you might even ask them to help pack up boxes for you.

4. Make it a game

Moving is not generally considered to be fun and it’s even more difficult when you have kids. It can be hard to keep them interested and distracted during the packing process and they might try and break things when you’re not looking.

Turning it into a game can make it much more fun for your children. Create a race to see who can pack the most boxes in a certain time frame and reward whoever wins with bragging rights or a small prize. It’s also a good idea to have a box of immediate need items like toilet paper, tissues and change of clothes for your kids.

5. Pack a special bag

When kids are involved in the process, they feel a sense of ownership over their space and belongings. This helps them cope with change and makes the transition easier.

Have your children help you organize a garage sale to purge unnecessary items before the move. This will help them feel invested in the moving process and give them something fun to do with their extra stuff.

Labeling boxes by room is essential. Keep stickers, markers and cool tape on hand to let your kids decorate their own boxes of things they will be taking to the new house. This will also make it clear what goes into which box.

6. Make it a destination

Whether you’re moving across town or the country, making it a destination can make the transition much easier for your family. If possible, have your kids tour their new neighborhood and home with you. Take them to check out local restaurants and cafes, see the neighborhood park and even trace their steps on a morning walk to school. Additionally, for a more streamlined moving process, families can explore options on Shiply(https://www.shiply.com/) to find reliable and affordable moving services, helping to reduce the workload and stress associated with relocation.

This will give them a sense of consistency during the move and will reduce their stress levels. This is especially important if you’re moving because of work or a lifestyle change. It can be hard for any child to say goodbye to their old home.